Studio Enrollment
  • Enrollment is on a monthly basis

  • Tuition is the same amount every month

  • Tuition is due in advance the first week of every month (between the 1st and 7th) 

  • Late fee- $10 (payments made after the 7th of the month are late)

  • Monthly rate is for an average of 4 lessons (3-5 lessons) each month

Materials Fee

$45/year for music books, sheet music, handouts, and 3-ring binder.  The Materials Fee is due every January.

Online Payments Fee

$2-$7 added for credit card processing costs

Payment Options
  • cash or personal check

  • automatic payments from your bank

  • online payments from this website page (incurs small extra fee)

  • option to choose automatically recurring payment plan

Late Fee

$10 for payments made after the 7th

Missed Lessons​
  • This studio does NOT GUARANTEE makeups for missed lessons.

  • Your tuition pays to reserve exactly one specific time-slot in the studio schedule.  Your payment does not include any additional time slots that are not your own.

  • However, if someone else's time slot becomes available by advance cancellation, the teacher will list it on the website so that it can be used as a makeup. CLICK HERE to see the list of available time slots for makeups. 

  • Student/parent must provide teacher with a minimum 24-hour notice of cancellation to be eligible for a makeup.  Makeups are not given for short-notice cancellations or for no-shows.

  • The studio operates at full capacity, so available time slots for makeups occur only when someone cancels their lesson with advance notice.

  • Makeup must be scheduled within 30 days of the missed lesson.

  • Lessons missed on STUDIO HOLIDAYS are not made up or rescheduled.



Lessons are in session all year long.  Monthly Tuition remains the same.



This Studio closes during certain holidays. The Studio Calendar posted on this website indicates when lessons are not in session.  Make-up lessons are NOT given for lessons missed due to holidays.  


​Parents Attending/Observing Lessons

I do not regularly have parents in the piano studio during lessons. Parents can drop their child off at the studio and pick him/her up after the lesson. (I have found that students are significantly distracted by the presence of the parent and that therefore learning is not at its optimum level. It is important at this studio that the valuable one-on-one interaction between student and teacher be preserved and maintained.)  Since the entire front of the studio is enclosed with glass windows, parents can easily visually observe from the foyer/waiting area.  Please know however, that parents are welcome to observe a lesson inside the studio if needed.


​Siblings Taking Private Lessons

When two or more children in the same family take private lessons, it is required that parents drop off only one child at a time. I am a teacher, not a babysitter!  All minors must be supervised by their parent before and after their lesson.