Of course, playing the piano develops one's musical abilities...

but did you know that playing the piano

has numerous and significant benefits far beyond just music?

Brain Function

Playing the piano literally makes us smarter!  Decades of research and statistics have proven that playing the piano and reading music increases brain development resulting in significant and measurable improvements in:

  • intelligence                    math skills

  • memory                       •  reading skills

  • concentration             •  reasoning skills

  • listening skills

  • attention span

  • ability to learn

Physical Coordinaion

Playing the piano is great for physical development.  It increases fine motor skills and eye/hand coordination.


Playing the piano has a healing effect on our mind and emotions, contributing to a sense of well being.


It has been proven that playing the piano measurably reduces stress, depression and anxiety.

Character Building

Learning to play the piano builds one's character.  We learn that WE GET OUT OF IT, WHAT WE PUT INTO IT.

  • self-discipline

  • confidence

  • setting goals

  • self esteem

  • learn the value of effort

  • learn the value of commitment

  • learn the value of perseverance