This studio does NOT GUARANTEE makeups for missed lessons.

Your tuition pays to reserve exactly one specific time-slot in the studio schedule.

Your payment does not include any additional time slots that are not your own.

However, if someone else's time slot becomes open by advance cancellation, the teacher will list it here so that others can use it as a makeup. 

Eligibility for a makeup requires a minimum 24-hour notice of cancellation.  Short-notice cancellations and no-shows are not eligible for makeups.

The studio operates at full capacity, so available time slots for makeups occur only when someone cancels their lesson with advance notice.

Makeup must be scheduled within 30 days of the missed lesson.

Lessons missed on Studio Holidays are not made up or rescheduled.

Available Time Slots for Makeups:
APRIL 12-16
MON, Apr. 12: 
TUE, Apr. 13:  
WED, Apr. 14:  
THU, Apr. 15: 
FRI, Apr. 16:   
APRIL 19-23
MON, Apr. 19: 
TUE, Apr. 20:  
WED, Apr. 21:  
THU, Apr. 22: 
FRI, Apr. 23:

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